Let’s share. #BooksAndRoses2021

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22 Mar, 2021

Let’s share #BooksAndRoses2021

As uncertainty prevails, this year the intention is, more than ever, to share. To share in order to collaborate; to open up a world of new possibilities.

In this same spirit, a new hashtag, #BooksAndRoses2021, is born. Aiming to fill with the soul and essence that for years now has accompanied a day like this. How are we going to celebrate #BooksAndRoses this year? What does the celebration mean to us? Encouraging everyone, in our own way and from wherever we are, to give body to the day of the book and the rose is and has always been one of our main objectives.

Therefore, once again, our aim is to share.

As some of you may know, #BooksAndRoses was born in 2015 as a project intending to collect and disseminate all the acts that were made with books and roses around the world on the occasion of 23 April. Throughout these years, we have not only seen how the initiative has seen its doors open to different corners of the world; but we have also been able to share it.

This year will be no different. Would you help us? Use #BooksAndRoses2021 from your Instagram accounts and share. We will collect and post your entries on our Instagram profile in a bid for the essence of 23 April.

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