Catalan communities across Europe prepare for the #booksandroses’ celebration.

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30 Mar, 2021

Contest by Catalan communities in Europe

As we have been predicting, social distancing will not be a brake on creativity this 2021. With a bit less than a month to go and thanks to a considerable number of entities concerned with the cultural celebration of #BooksAndRoses continuing to be celebrated, dozens of activities are already being announced around the world.

One of the most popular proposals is the organization of literary contests or floral games. The initiatives are not few; entities such as the Catalan Community in the United Kingdom, Ràdio Catalunya Itàlia, the Casal Català de Guayaquil or the Library of the European University Institute have already announced the most diverse and original proposals, ranging from the classic literary contest to the creation of memes recommending books.

In the same line, the Catalan communities around Europe, once again, have decided to celebrate the occasion with an international contest. As last year, the winners of the Sant Jordi contests of the different European houses will compete against each other aspiring to win the European competition. On this occasion, in addition, the two potential winners will be eligible for a prize; a writing course offered by the Laboratori de Lletres.

The initiative, organized by the International Federation of Catalan Entities (FIEC), is a joint collaboration of the European Catalan Communities in Brussels, Galicia, Geneva, Laussanne, Lisbon, London, Luxemburg, Madrid, Munich, Nantes, Paris, Zaragoza, Seville, Stuttgart, Tolouse, Vitoria and Zurich.

The winners,  will be chosen by three prestigious Catalan writers. In this case, Sebastià Alzamora, Laia Fàbregas and Gemma Pasqual will decide who are the winners of the European prize. This will be announced via zoom and social networks on 25 April which is the day of the  Catalunya Exterior (Catalonia Abroad Day)

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