Massive #BooksAndRoses festival in 上海 / Shanghai, PRC


23 April is around the corner, many organizers all over the world celebrate the day with #BooksAndRoses!

That is why volunteers in many cities are already working on amazing activities on and around 23 April, the UNESCO World Book & Copyright Day and Sant Jordi.

People exchange #BooksAndRoses on the day as a token of appreciation and this is really going global now: 150 activities organized by volunteers in 50 countries in recent years.

In Shanghai, for example, the Catalan Institute of China is already gearing up for 2017 event (and it has lots of #BooksAndRoses spirit!). Last year, over 20 bookstores/libraries, flower sellers and authors gathered in the lovely Jing’an Park to celebrate it. During the whole day, activities for kids, music, arts corners and workshops were organized. People from all walks of life, big groups, individuals experienced a bit of the tradition and exchanged #BooksAndRoses as a token of appreciation. It is a wonderfully simple gesture of paying tribute to books, literature, writers and the great pleasure of reading in general. > resources, best practices, news and #BooksAndRoses event updates