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Sant Jordi Celebration 2021 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

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University of Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts Amherst
21 abril 2021

TRANSLATION AND SELF-TRANSLATION in Jordi Nopca’s Puja a casa / Vente a casa / Come On Up
Mara Faye Lethem will lead students during a workshop on translation decision-making, particularly addressing issues between Catalan, Spanish, and English languages, and what can be learned from self-translation. We will discuss three stories written in Catalan and translated into Spanish by Jordi Nopca, and translated into English by Lethem (Bellevue Literary Press, 2021). Free virtual event. Open to the public. Audience members will be able to participate via the live chat and the
Q&A Zoom feature. Registration required.

Our annual translation contest this year honors the Catalan poet and visual artist Felícia Fuster (1921-2012). Send your translation or re-translation of “Qui gosa beure” or “Amb tinta roja” to by 5pm on April 23rd. Winners will be announced on April 30th and prizes will be awarded.

TORNAR A CERCAR PER :  Mapa  |  Activitat  |  Data

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