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#BooksAndRoses 2021 in Germany

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Vertretung der Regierung von Katalonien in Deutschland
23 abril 2021

The Catalan Government Delegation in Germany provides Sant Jordi / BooksAndRoses materials  such as posters, bookmarks and postcards to anyone in Germany willing to organise an event around Sant Jordi Day. This is a list of events that can be enjoyed all over Germany in 2021:

1) Catalan Studies teachers (lectors) in Germany organize a joint event in which the legend of Sant Jordi and what is currently being done to celebrate the day will be explained; then there will be a creative writing workshop.

2) The Catalanets e.V. association organizes a dragon roaring contest for boys and girls.

3) The association Centro Español de Ingolstadt e.V, whose president is Catalan, organizes a contest of micro-stories of adventures and a storytelling activity for children.

4) The town council of the German municipality of Weingarten (Baden) which is twinned with Olesa de Montserrat will promote Sant Jordi in the village; 3 flower shops offer red or yellow roses with Catalan flag ribbons from Olesa and a local bookstore and library offer a recently published book on traditions in Olesa.

5) A Spanish teacher from a primary school in Berlin will explain the tradition of Sant Jordi to students.

6) The German Rosenmuseum will distribute materials and spread the word about the tradition as soon as they can reopen.

7) Around 20 bookshops throughout Germany will offer the materials provided by the Catalan Government Delegation in Germany for Sant Jordi; some have digital events planned and others face-to-face.

8) In addition, a special cultural bulletin will be sent to promote Sant Jordi activities in the country.

9) Joint Event “Saló Digital Sant Jordi” of sister cities Köln-Barcelona and Buchladel Neusser Straße with the translator Ursula Bachhausen, moderated by Wibke Ladwig, on April 22 at 6 p.m.

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