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ジュンク堂書店, 沖縄県那覇市牧志1丁目19 沖映大通り, 牧志一丁目, Naha, Prefectura de Okinawa 900-0013, Japón

Sociedad Española de Okinawa
5 abril 2022


First #BooksAndRoses event in Okinawa! Organised by Sociedad Española de Okinawa (SEO)

  1. Murals and book exhibition: From April 5 to 24. SEO will expose some explanatory murals in the Junkudo store about:
  • The history of Sant Jordi.
  • The celebration of the holiday today.
  • Catalan culture and history.
  • Cervantes and Shakespeare and the most popular writers in Sant Jordi

In front of the murals, Junkudo, largest bookstore in Okinawa, will have a sample of books about Catalonia, Spain, Spanish-speaking writers and children’s books from around the world.

  1. Sale of roses. From April 21 to 24. A space will be enabled for the sale of roses in Junkudo


  1. Main event. April 23th. An hour and a half event in Junkudo with the following program:
  • Welcome and presentation of Sant Jordi.
  • International storytelling for children with participants from Argentina, Spain, Italy, Vietnam and Thailand.
  • Theatrical performance of the legend of Sant Jordi.
  • Raffle of roses and books among the participants.

More information here.

BooksAndRoses Okinawa

TORNAR A CERCAR PER :  Mapa  |  Activitat  |  Data

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