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「バーチャル写真展 勇気 」

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3-1-8-403, Bakuro-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Centre Català de Kansai (Osaka, Japan)
6 abril 2021

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The legend of San Jordi would not have been possible without the courage of the knight Sant Jordi (Saint George) and the princess.
We invite you to take a picture of the moment you acted courageously or the moment you witnessed courage. It doesn’t matter what courage you have, whether it’s heroic courage, close people’s courage, or unseen courage.
For more information please check the website of the organiser, the Centre Català de Kansai (Catalan Community in Kansai, Japan). Information in Japanese and Catalan.

TORNAR A CERCAR PER :  Mapa  |  Activitat  |  Data

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