How to organize an event with books and roses? The Catalan language lectureship in Saint Petersburg


Today we travel to Russia, where the Catalan lectureship of Saint Petersburg University organized a #BooksAndRoses event for Sant Jordi 2019. This was possible thanks to the collaboration with some students. Even though we have to consider the local context, we think this post could be useful to have some inspiration for the event you might want to organize!

The celebration lasted several days, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the participation of the University where the lectureship is based, the Svoí Knigui bookstore, and the Institut Ramon Llull, who funded the trip of the two poets Glòria Coll and Sebastià Perelló, to Russia.

One of the activities they organized consisted in the translation to Russian of some of the poems written by Coll and Perelló. The translations were done by the Catalan language  students of the lectorship. Also, they readed the translated poems in Svoí Knigui boosktore as well as the performance of two plays. There was also a poetry reading session at the University the 23 April.

The collaboration with the Institut Ramon Llull and the enthusiasm shown by the Catalan language students were the key to success in all the activities.

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See you soon!