How to organize an event with books and roses? Catalonia Trade and Investment headquarters in Seoul, South Korea


Hello again!

Are you looking for ideas and inspiration to organize an event with books and roses outside Catalonia?

Today we bring you what the Catalonia Trade and Investment (Acció) office prepared in 2019 in South Korea. Even though the event was prepared in a specific local context, it could be helpful as a reference to organize events in other parts of the world.

You can check the event that Catalonia Trade and Investment organized in Seoul last year in this link. It consisted on a little stand located in a shopping center of Seoul collaborating with a Korean publishing house. Catalonia Trade and Investment office agreed to loan a few books written by Catalan authors translated into Korean language. At the same time, they prepared a quiz about Catalonia and they bought some roses and ornaments to decorate the stand, including a photocall.

This was possible thanks to the fact that other publishers were promoting books at the same time and in the same place, because of the World Book Day celebration. Therefore, the local context was favorable to organize this kind of event and attract people there.

During the next weeks, we will be posting in this blog other examples from previous years of other #BooksAndRoses events from different cities and countries.

We hope that the post about Venice that we published lately and this one about Seoul will help you to get inspired to organize the event. If you want more ideas to organize your event, keep visiting our blog and look out for our social networks! If you have any doubts, send us a DM!

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