How to organize an event for Saint Jordi outside Catalonia. The Catalan language lectureship in Venice


Are you looking for ideas on how to organise a #BooksAndRoses event outside Catalonia? We would like to introduce you the event organised by the Catalan language lectorship in Ca’ Foscari University in Venice last year. The Catalan language lectorship is a member of Xarxa Llull.

The celebration is held every year in Ca’Foscari University from Venice thanks to the participation of some faculty members as well as students and relatives. The last year eight people participated in the activity. Nevertheless, it is not new that Venice celebrates Saint Jordi in 23 April. The event consists of oral presentations related to Catalan culture, writers or singers, among others. Last year, the event was about the writer Vicent Andrés Estellés.

Moreover, they put a stand in the university, decorated with paper made roses and explaining to curious visitors what Saint Jordi Festival is about. They also bought some roses to distribute, being the only expenditure they had. They did not sell books even though some were displayed in the stand.

It is worth knowing that the Catalan language in Ca’Foscari University is a part of the syllabus of the Languages Degree, so Saint Jordi is one of the organized activities of the subject, making the event easier to organize. To share it through social networks they used the hashtags #primavera_en_català and #BooksAndRoses.

We will be publishing more events by other organisers in the days to come, stay tuned!