Celebrate spring with #BooksAndRoses!


Are you looking for original ideas on how to celebrate the start of the spring? If you can wait until 23 April, we have good news for you…

Every year, when this date comes closer in the calendar, thousands of people around the world celebrate an especial festival, with its origins in Barcelona and Catalonia, in which love and roses go together with books and culture. This celebration is tightened to an ancient Catalan tradition, which is now becoming global.

We are thrilled to celebrate the tradition of #BooksAndRoses once more and this is why we have started to write down to our agendas every event that will be celebrated around the globe.

Do you consider engaging on it? You can check our events map on the website that we will update quite often. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and, as a new feature of this year, Instagram! The larger part of events will be celebrated in or around 23 April.

Are you willing to participate, but do not know how to do it? We suggest you to talk with your nearest bookstore or library and use the leaflets and other promotional material you can find in our web. It will soon be available in more languages. Look for the events that were celebrated around the world in previous years so to get some inspiration to organize your own event.

Any doubts? Check to FAQS or ask us for help! You will be able to see some examples of past celebrations with #BooksAndRoses from the last spring session in different spots of the world soon here in this blog.

We encourage you to participate in this tradition and to share it in your social networks, telling what you have done, when and with whom; post your pictures and videos with #BooksAndRoses! You can tag your posts in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with #BooksAndRoses and we will repost it.

Here we go, let’s celebrate the spring season with a smile and with #BooksAndRoses!