St Jordi at Rakuten Cafe in Shibuya


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From 2nd to 30th of April, Rakuten Books and Rakuten Ichiba will launch their campaign to promote Sant Jordi and books related to FC Barcelona and Catalonia. There will be a reward of x10 Rakuten points to the customers and there will be also a dedicated landing on Rakuten website to explain about St. Jordi.

The 18th of April, Rakuten Cafe will launch its new decoration with FCB and St. Jordi themes and there will also be a media session in which they will explain the Sant Jordi legend and its history with FCB, and roses and Catalonia tote bags will be given.

From 16th to 30th of April, Rakuten Cafe will expose videos of FC Barcelona, St. Jordi and Catalonia on the screens, and it will have a dedicated menu to Catalonia. There will also be a lucky draw among all Rakuten customers.

From 21st to 23rd of April, Rakuten’s Cafe customers will receive a rose and a bookmark for each purchase.