St George’s Day in Sydney


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Another year has passed and the Catalan Association of NSW would like to invite you to celebrate Saint George day as it deserves. The association and the Sydney Gure Txoko have planned a celebration for the occasion.

This year they will start the day at the Paddington Markets, where you will find two stalls with books and roses from 10am untill 4pm. Around 11am, the Sydney Human Towers will perform an exhibition at the markets right in front of the Catalan Association stalls, don’t miss it!

For lunch (2pm), as for past occasions they will enjoy a special lunch at the Sydney Gure Txoko, followed by cultural activities. For lunch please book in advance in this link:

After lunch, the youngest members of the Catalan Association are preparing a play of the legend of Saint George at the Gure Txoko fronton.

Volunteers needed for the stall, to help with lunch and the afternoon activities.

Come and enjoy one of the most beautiful traditions and share a book and a rose.

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