Sant Jordi in Edinburgh


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One more year, the Casal Català d’Escòcia wants to celebrate Sant Jordi in Edinburgh! This year, all friends from Colla Castellera d’Edinburgh, Centre Catala d’Escocia and Assemblea Nacional Catalana – Scotland/Alba want to spend together the most romantic and literary day of Catalonia! Come and do not feel homesick during the most cute day of the year! they will bring some cakes!

In Meadows (near Pavillion Cafe), the Colla Castellera d’Edinburgh will show how tall are their Castells – Let’s help them in the base! – You will also appreciate their creativity when it comes to make roses!

The members of the Centre Catala d’Escocia will announce the winners of the Floral Games of this year. The call is still open until the 19th of April! There is going to be storytelling for the youngest.

Let’s not get overexcited but… the forecast says it is going to be sunny with high temperatures. So, put your flip-flops on, take a typical-Meadows BBQ and come to enjoy this pre-summer day with them!

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