Diada de Sant Jordi 2018 / サン・ジョルディの日イベント2018


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・DRAC BEAT:ピアニスト/作曲家/シンガーとして活躍するMu Creator Chiyoとジャンベ奏者Kackeyによる音楽パフォーマンス

The Centre Català de Kansai will celebrate Sant Jordi with some different activities the 21st April 2018. First of all, Amadeu Branera will present the novel “La mala dona” by Marc Pastor, which has been just published in Japanese and there will be some copies to buy. Later, the participants will enjoy the theatre play “Putxinel·lis” in which the protagonists of the legend will perform a script written by students. There also will be the “Drac Beat”, a musical performance by the pianist, composer and singer MuCreator Chiyo and Kackey, singer and percussionist of djembé. To conclude, there will be also an afternoon snack with artisan sweets and cava and roses and bookmarks for everyone.

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